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Prestige Rooms
The Prestige rooms are the heart of the Villa. They are located on the ground floor and are entirely frescoed by original paintings dating back to the end of the 15th century. A recent, conservative long restoration has brought ...continue
Regard Rooms
The Regard Rooms. On the first “noble” floor main Hall, there are a few more frescoes that can be admired, as well as in the “Autumn Sunset” and the “War and Peace” rooms. These frescoes are unfortunately less observable ...continue
Little Attic
The Little Attic rooms are located at Villa top floor, once commonly known as the “pigeon house” or the “barn”, nowadays the attic room. All rooms, bathrooms included,  have wooden beams: the original beams have been carefully refurbished. For ...continue
The rooms in the Boat House
A large part of the boat house, adjacent to the villa, has been refurbished after a long conservative  restoration which has brought back the characteristic and original exposed bricks and the old  "brusoni" (bricks). Frescoes remains can still be ...continue

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